TC Chairs/Vice-Chairs List

► MTT-1 Field Theory and Computational EM
Chair: Zhizhang Chen Contact
Vice-Chair: Christian Damm Contact
► MTT-2 Design Automation
Chair: Qi-Jun Zhang Contact
Vice-Chair: Roni Khazaka Contact
► MTT-3 Microwave Measurements
Chair: Antonio Raffo Contact
Vice-Chair: Dominique Schreurs Contact
► MTT-4 Microwave Passive Components and Transmission Line Structure
Chair: Ke Wu Contact
Vice-Chair: Maurizio Bozzi Contact
► MTT-5 Filters
Chair: Xun Gong Contact
Vice-Chair: Min Yu Contact
► MTT-6 RF MEMS and Microwave Acoustics
Chair: Songbin Gong Contact
Vice-Chair: Andreas Tag Contact
► MTT-7 Microwave Superconductivity and Quantum Technologies
Chair: Michael C. Hamilton Contact
Vice-Chair: Shane Cybart Contact
► MTT-8 RF Nanotechnology
Chair: Dominique Baillargeat Contact
Vice-Chair: Johannes Russer Contact
► MTT-9 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Solid-State Devices
Chair: David Ricketts Contact
Vice-Chair: Guillaume Callet Contact
► MTT-10 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion
Chair: Deukhyoun Heo Contact
Vice-Chair: Ajay Poddar Contact
► MTT-11 Microwave Low-Noise Techniques
Chair: Joseph Bardin Contact
Vice-Chair: Vadim Issakov Contact
► MTT-12 Microwave High-Power Techniques
Chair: Anding Zhu Contact
Vice-Chair: Pete Zampardi Contact
► MTT-13 Microwave Control Techniques
Chair: Dimitra Psychogiou Contact
Vice-Chair: Guoan Wang Contact
► MTT-14 Microwave and mm-wave Integrated Circuits
Chair: Alberto Valdes Garcia Contact
Vice-Chair: Jim Buckwalter Contact
► MTT-15 RF/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing
Chair: Edward Gebara Contact
Vice-Chair: Bertan Bakkaloglu Contact
► MTT-16 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging, Interconnect and Integration
Chair: Kamal Samanta Contact
Vice-Chair: Xianoxiong (Kevin) Gu Contact
► MTT-20 HF-VHF-UHF Technologies and Applications
Chair: Frederick Raab Contact
Vice-Chair: Al Katz Contact
► MTT-21 Terahertz Technology and Applications
Chair: Jeffrey Hesler Contact
Vice-Chair: Nils Weimann Contact
► MTT-22 Microwave Photonics
Chair: Afshin Daryoush Contact
Vice-Chair: Shilong Pan Contact
► MTT-23 Wireless Communications
Chair: Roberto Gomez-Garcia Contact
Vice-Chair: Rudy Emrick Contact
► MTT-24 Microwave/mm-wave Radar, Sensing, and Array Systems
Chair: Christopher Silva Contact
Vice-Chair: Nils Pohl Contact
► MTT-25 Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Conversion
Chair: Ali Darwish Contact
Vice-Chair: Luca Roselli Contact
Vice-Chair: Zhizhang (David) Chen Contact
► MTT-26 RFID, Wireless Sensors and IoT
Chair: Smail Tedjini Contact
Vice-Chair: Valentina Palazzi Contact
► MTT-27 Connected and Autonomous Systems
Chair: Hasan Sharifi Contact
Vice-Chair: Alessandro Cidronali Contact
► MTT-28 Biological Effects and Medical Applications
Chair: Dominique Schreurs Contact
Vice-Chair: Chung-Tse Michael Wu Contact
► MTT-29 Microwave Aerospace Systems
Chair: Christian Waldschmidt Contact
Vice-Chair: Nelson Fonseca Contact