Author Information-Books

The IEEE Press has established a book series entitled the IEEE Press Series on Microwaves and RF Technology. Seven excellent books already have been published in the series. As you know, however, the area of microwaves and RF technology is very broad and is changing rapidly. MTT members need books that describe all aspects of technology and design. A subseries on measurements is planned. Our long term goal is to create a series of books that spans the technical fields described by the 20 Technical Committees of the MTT Society and that present current and useful material to MTT members. To this end we are asking knowledgeable members of the MTT to propose books that meet these criteria.

As the book-publishing arm of the IEEE, the Press has been undergoing an ambitious expansion program and today is a highly respected publisher. Today’s IEEE Press is devoted to quality and growth, and as an author you should consider being part of our publishing family. At the IEEE Press, authors get personal attention, smart advice, and financial awards. You will receive a network of support as your manuscript travels from manuscript to publication quickly and professionally.

Your proposals will be promptly evaluated by experts. To obtain proposal guidelines, visit the IEEE Press author resource web site.