Industry Engagement

IEEE MTT-S Industry Engagement


The IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S) Industry Engagement Committee is dedicated to identifying and fostering new opportunities for the professional development and growth of industry members within the society. The committee typically comprises MTT-S members who primarily affiliate with industry sectors.

Objectives and Activities:

  • Identify Opportunities: The committee seeks out new activities and initiatives that benefit the professional development of MTT-S industry members.
  • Recommendations: Present recommendations to the President and the Board of Governors for enhancing industry engagement and professional growth.
  • Subcommittees: Establish subcommittees to implement approved recommendations and initiatives.

Collaboration and Impact:

The committee collaborates closely with various boards and entities within IEEE MTT-S to support industry involvement in standards development, technology roadmaps, and other key areas. Our initiatives include organizing industry forums, showcases, and workshops at flagship conferences, as well as developing educational materials and supporting diversity and professional development.

Core Themes:
  1. Standards and Roadmaps: Supporting industry involvement in developing standards and technology roadmaps.
  2. Industry and Startup Support: Promoting industrial participation in MTT-S activities and supporting startups.
  3. Professional Development: Enhancing professional growth and development opportunities for industry members.

AdHoc Industry Engagement Committee

Chair Richard Snyder
Vice-Chair Debabani Choudhury
ARFTG Liaison Jon Martens
IMS Liaison Sridhar Kanamaluru
TCFDC Liaison Joseph Bardin
WiM Liaison Mousumi Roy
Comsoc Liaison Upkar Dhaliwal
AP-S Liaison Ajay Poddar
Members Tushar Sharma
Shiban Koul
Gabriel Rebeiz
Jin-Chang Zhao
Jose Rayas-Sanchez
Raafat Mansour
Robert Weigel
Fritz Raab
Itzak Shapir
Raffi Hershtig
Sara Barros
Ulrich Rohde


Got a microwave-related question? Come to “ASK MTT”! Post here and expect an answer from expert members of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S). These world-class experts are the closest we can get to the ancient Greek “Oracle” but you can trust their answers for sure. Don’t expect explicit design information but you will get answers to questions such as “how do I tune a filter” or “what is the relationship between impedance mismatch and bandwidth over which I can obtain a match” or “how much cancellation can I obtain per loop in a feed-forward cancellation scheme” or “what are the available approaches for realizing and coupling qubits”…focused on questions to help you get off on the right foot in your design, but not specific consulting. This is intended to attract follow-up questions, so follow-up and continued discussion is encouraged and expected. Why not give it a try?