Fellow Search Committee

MTT-S Fellow Search Committee

The Fellow Search Committee operates under the Awards Committee and is independent of the Fellow Evaluating Committee. The goal of the committee is to increase the number of new IEEE Fellows each year in MTT-S. To achieve this goal, we would like to encourage and help nominations. Please see the latest presentation slides in a special information session during the 2024 IEEE Radio & Wireless Week: DEMYSTIFY IEEE FELLOW NOMINATION.

The committee composition in 2024:

  • Jenshan Lin, Chair and Point of Contact: jenshan@ieee.org (R 3)
  • Victor Fouad Hanna, Past Chair (R 8)
R 1-7
  • Robert Caverly
  • Charlie Jackson
  • Kate Remley
  • Edward Rezek
R 8-10
  • Vicente Boria-Esbert
  • Alessandra Costanzo
  • Almudena Suárez
  • Tzyy-Sheng (Jason) Horng

This previous powerpoint presentation includes additional tips for making good nominations. Download the file here: IEEE Fellow Nomination Tips.