Education Overview

MTT-S Education Vision and Mission

The primary vision of the MTT-S education committee is to support the learning of microwave technology for students, practitioners and lifetime learners. We will focus on three major areas of activities: (1) develop educational resources; (2) facilitate various student activities; and (3) promote regional activities.

Education Committee Activities

  1. Educational Resources Development:
    1. Monthly webinars
    2. Short courses
    3. E-books (tutorial articles)
    4. Distinguished Microwave Instructor (DMI) Workshops
    5. STEM education materials
  2. Student activities
    1. MTT-S graduate fellowships
    2. MTT-S graduate medical fellowships
    3. MTT-S undergraduate scholarships
    4. Student e-newsletters
    5. IMS Ph.D. initiatives and grand challenges
    6. Non-IMS Ph.D. initiatives
    7. IMS Project Connect
    8. IMS students award luncheon
    9. Three Minute Thesis (3MT) in IMS
    10. Multilingual Video Competitions (MVC)
  3. Regional activities
    1. Promote regional conferences
    2. Distribute RF kits in Region 9
    3. Distribute portable VNA and test kits to all MTT-S chapters
    4. Increase regional projects and activities

Education Committee Roster

Education Committee

Chair Xun Gong
Vice Chairs Yang Yang, Changzhi Li, Jose Rayas-Sanchez
Advisors Wenquan (Cherry) Che and Ke Wu
EiC Liasion Tushar Sharma
YP Liaison Sarah Boros
Education Website Editor Guangxu Shen, Yang Yang
Education Column Microwave Magazine Xiang Yi
Education Initiatives Ramesh Gupta

–Education Resources Development Subcommittee

Chair Yang Yang
Vice Chairs Miguel Laso
Webinar Xun Gong, Mike Hamilton, Rashaunda Henderson
E-Book Xun Gong, Ke Wu, Rashaunda Henderson
Intersociety Activities Yang Yang, Ke Wu
DMI Workshop Shiban Koul, Sukomal Dey, Dinesh Yadav, Sandeep Chaturvedi, Yang Yang, Kaixue Ma, Guangxu Shen, Cherry Che, Mikel Laso, Ilona Rolfes, Zlatica Marinković, Eduardo Rojas, Nathan Jeong, Raafat Mansour, José Ernesto Rayas-Sánchez

–Student Activities Subcommittee

Chair Changzhi Li
Vice Chairs Zlatica Marinkovic
Graduate Fellowships – General Giovanni Crupi
Graduate Fellowships – Medical Changzhi Li
Undergraduate Scholarships Zlatica Marinkovic, Ping Jack Soh
Student e-newsletters Raafat Mansour
IMS Ph.D. Initiative & Graduate Student Challenge Chung-Tse Michael Wu, Guoan Wang
IMS STEM / Project CONNECT Rhonda Franklin
IMS Student Awards Luncheon Erin Kiley
IMS 3MT Xun Gong
Ph.D. Initiative (non-IMS) Ramesh Gupta, Shiban Koul
STEM activities (non-IMS) Amelie Hagelauer, Inês Inácio, Sherry Hess
Multilingual Video Competitions (MVC) Guangxu Shen, Eduardo Rojas
Student Coordination (Scholarships and IMS) Caleb Fulton

–Regional Activities Subcommittee

Chair Jose Rayas-Sanchez
Vice Chairs Shiban Koul
Members Glauco Fontgalland, Eduardo Rojas, Guillermo Rafael-Valdivia, Hong Hong, Rajeev Jyoti, Ruey-Beei Wu, Ajay Poddar, Hjalti Sigmarsson