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IMARC 2016, December 5 – 9, Delhi
LAMC 2016, December 12 – 14, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
RWW 2017, January 15 – 18, Phoenix
IMARC 2016, December 5 – 9, Delhi

IMARC 2016, December 12 – 13, Delhi

Join us in Delhi for IMARC 2016, December 12 – 13

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STEM program at IMS2016

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“At the beginning, it was not easy to develop those amplifiers “, says Ms Belén. “Potential parasitic and instabilities that occur in this frequency range makes this a challenging field to work in. Furthermore, model inaccuracies make it even more daunting.”   She demonstrated the first ever stacked or series configuration topology achieved at 280 GHz.  Read more on her experiences at EuMIC 2016 and the other opportunites that she got from...
We have come a long way since that early morning call on 15th April 1912, when a high-pitched musical tone sang out for hundreds of miles across the North Atlantic in a desperate plea for help as The White Star liner ‘RMS Titanic’ was being engulfed by the majestic ocean. Wireless technologies hold the key to providing effective answers in many cases of environmental monitoring as well as addressing developmental challenges including social and health issues....
An entrepreneur with the intention of uplifting society? Meet Dr. Quenton Bonds, an entrepreneur, educator, NASA engineer and the founder of Accelerated Density.Growing up in a disadvantaged and, at times, dangerous environment, young Quenton developed a maturity that sparked a meaning for his existence. He decided to abstain from the habits prevalent in his neighborhood and to work hard to have a better life. He started a car audio business in junior high school and...

RWW2016, Austin

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