Alexander Chenakin

Alexander Chenakin



490 Jarvis Drive Morgan Hill CA 95037 USA


  • Chair, TC-10 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion, Technical Committees**


Dr. Alexander Chenakin is the Senior Director of R&D at Anritsu Company, Morgan Hill, CA, where he oversees the development of various test-and-measurement instruments. He leads a team of talented engineers and has a proven track record in developing and implementing solutions that deliver results.

Dr. Chenakin previously held a range of technical and executive positions that include serving as Vice President of Advanced Technologies at Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc. and Vice President of Phase Matrix, a National Instruments company. He is well recognized in the field of frequency synthesis and is referred to as the inventor of QuickSyn® technology. In 2009, he received ARMMS RF & Microwave Society’s award for his work on fast-switching frequency synthesizers. His work has been duly acknowledged in the 50th anniversary issue of Microwaves & RF, which featured “People Who Made it Happen.”
His professional achievements have been widely presented in trade publications and international conferences. He has written more than 40 technical articles and holds six US patents. In addition, Dr. Chenakin is the author of an Artech House published textbook about frequency synthesizers.

Dr. Chenakin earned his degree from Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He is a senior IEEE member and has been an invited speaker for several IEEE-sponsored events.

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