IEEE Microwave Magazine – March 2024

March 2024 Issue

The March issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue features research by women in microwaves. As usual we also have a great set of columns in this issue. For the best summary of the issue please check out the Editor’s Desk column – and learn about affinity groups. For the best overview of the features please check out the Guest Editor’s Desk.

Our first feature will teach you all about meta-material sensors for sub-surface features. These meta-materials are a type of filter and the second feature focuses on complex filter realizations that are small and easily realized. Frequency selective surfaces can also be used to improve energy harvesting and that is the subject of our third feature. As our circuits and devices get smaller to work at shorter wavelengths de-embedding gets even trickier. Our fourth feature gives us a tour of de-embedding really small devices like fin-FETs. In our final feature we have a look at combining radar and communications in joint communication and sensing (JCAS).

Once you have toured the features then have a look at our columns. From society news to fun things to think about this issue has it all. Our President’s Column teaches us about how the thirty-nine societies and seven technical councils cooperate in the IEEE. We celebrate undergraduate and pre-graduate scholarships in our Education News column. Our Technical Committees do everything from putting on workshops to Student Competitions to setting new standards and more. In our Society News column learn about Technical Committee 16s work on microwave to millimeter-wave interconnects and packaging.

For the more technical side of our columns we can begin with MicroBusiness. What do you think of acronyms? Surely we can agree on AC and DC! At a recent company I worked at these meant “analog cancellation” and “digital cancellation “. Surfing is fun – right? Some people surf the web, some surf channels, and others surf in water. Our Microwave Surfing column has a quiz on electricity and magnetism. Test your knowledge. Our final thinking column is our Enigmas, etc. and it tackles PCE (power conversion efficiency).

Don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar. And it is that time of year to set up your trip to the IMS (International Microwave Symposium).

Summary by Alfy Riddle, Ph.D.
Quanergy Solutions, Inc.

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