IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2024

Juky 2024 Issue

The July issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue has a new look on the main page and a fascinating set of features. Surely design automation and artificial intelligence, fractals and what happens in periodic versus aperiodic structures should grab everyone’s curiosity at some point. Of course we have a great set of columns and you should start with the Editor’s Desk to get the skinny on this issue.

As a teaser we’ll take a look at the features and columns in this summary. Our first feature is on electromagnetics based circuit optimization covers whale optimization, gray wolf optimizers and artificial neural network surrogate models. See how up to date you are on how you can put your computer to work. And it’s a good way to see a set of Dr. John Bandler’s seminal papers. Next let’s talk about fractals. Who isn’t fascinated by fractals? What if they were reconfigurable? And lattice structures – that’s how we model transmission lines . Not to mention how we study waveguides and metamaterials. Check out a book by Brillouin as well as the other references in this feature.

Now we get to the columns. After the Editor’s Desk check out the President’s Column. Learn a bit about the history of our flagship Transactions as well as all of the sister publications. Educational News is a column where we can learn about our current webinars. The 27th European Microwave Week is covered in our Around the Globe column. Microwaves are big on biomedical as is shown in our Women in Microwaves column. And our Conference Report covers the multi-event IEEE Radio and Wireless Week from this year.

We also have columns on more technical matters. MicroBusiness discusses how our professional careers evolve and may range over many disciplines. Our Microwave Surfing column gives us an anniversary quiz which uses the number 75 a lot. In this issue we have a Book/Software Reviews column which describes a microwave techniques fundamentals book which has been translated from German to English. Finally, our Enigmas, etc. column has questions about vertical poles and the Poincaré Metric.

I hope you enjoyed this issue as much as I have and don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar!

Summary by Alfy Riddle, Ph.D.
Quanergy Solutions, Inc.