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IEEE Awards
IEEE Rao R. Tummala Packaging Technology Award which is a prestigious IEEE Technical Field Award for meritorious contributions to the advancement of components, electronic packaging, or manufacturing technologies. Madhavan Swaminathan, Full Professor, Head of Electrical Engineering and William E. Leonhard Endowed Chair of the Pennsylvania State University, USA … for contributions to semiconductor packaging and system integration technologies that improve the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of electronic systems..
MTT-S Awards
Microwave Career Award Recognizes a career of meritorious achievement and outstanding technical contribution by an individual in the field of microwave theory and techniques. Les Besser, President Emeritus, Besser Associates, California, USA … for a career of leadership, meritorious achievement, creativity and outstanding contributions in the field of microwave theory and technology.
Microwave Pioneer Award Recognizes an individual or a team not exceeding three persons having made outstanding pioneering technical contributions that advance microwave theory and techniques, which are described in an archival paper published at least 20 years prior to the year of the award. Marian Pospieszalski, Senior Research Scientist, Retired, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Virginia, USA … for the development of a noise model for the design of low noise FET microwave circuits especially at low temperatures..
Microwave Application Award Recognizes an individual or team of no more than five individuals for an outstanding application of microwave theory and techniques, which has been reduced to practice nominally 10 years before the award. Lei Zhu, Full Professor, University of Macao, China … for the development of multiple-mode resonators and their application in wide-band filters, matching circuits and antennas.
Distinguished Educator Award Recognizes a distinguished educator in the field of microwave engineering and science who best exemplifies the special human qualities of Fred Rosenbaum, who considered teaching a high calling and demonstrated his dedication to the Society through tireless service. Jenshan Lin, Program Director of U.S. National Science Foundation, Virginia, USA … for outstanding achievements as an educator, mentor, and role model of microwave engineers and engineering students.
Distinguished Service Award Recognizes an individual who has given outstanding service for the benefit and advancement of the MTT Society. Victor Fouad Hanna, Full Professor Emeritus, Sorbonne University, Paris, France … in recognition of a distinguished record of service to the MTT-Society and the microwave profession over a sustained period of time.
N. Walter Cox Award Recognizes an individual who has given exemplary service to the Society in a spirit of selfless dedication and cooperation.
Vijay Nair, Principal Engineer, Retired, Intel Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Ali Darwish, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi Maryland, USA.
Outstanding Young Engineer Award Recognizes an outstanding young MTT-S member who has distinguished him/herself through achievement(s), which may be technical (within the MTT-S Field of Interest), may be exemplary service to the MTT-S, or may be a combination of both. In the category “Industry”

Steven Callendar, Research Scientist, Intel Labs, Oregon, USA … for outstanding early career achievements in mmWave and subTHz SoC development in deeply-scaled CMOS technology.

Kaushik Dasgupta, Principal Engineer, Amazon, Washington, USA … for outstanding early career achievements in reconfigurable RF and mmWave CMOS ICs and power amplifiers.

In the category “Academia”

Markus Gardill, Full Professor, Cottbus University of Technology, Germany … for outstanding early career achievements as an ambassador of microwave systems and applications.

Chung-Tse Michael Wu, Associatel Professor, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA … for outstanding early career achievements in microwave metamaterials-based antennas, circuits, and radar sensing systems.