MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting 2022

IEEE MTT-S Winter Technical Meeting 2022

The Winter Technical Meeting provides a forum for MTT-S Members and others to participate the Distinguished Microwave Lectures (DML) by the newly elected Class of 2022-2024 Distinguished Microwave Lecturers.

In 2022, the lectures will be hosted on-line and in person. The on-line version is on this page organized by Dr. J.-C. Chiao at Southern Methodist University, USA. Each Distinguished Microwave Lecturer has recorded a 10-minute condensed version of the lecture. If local chapters are interested in inviting the DMLs to give talks in the chapter events or conferences, please contact the DML Coordinator Dr. Mohammad Madihian ( The details for invitation are on this page. (

The four in-person lectures will be hosted by IEEE 2022 Radio Wireless Week ( The DML session is on Monday, January 17 2022 at 8AM – 11:45AM (PST) in the Pompeian I Room, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, organized by Dr. Markus Gardill at InnoSenT GmbH, Germany. The in-person lectures will be broadcasted via Zoom:

The four in-person DML lectures are:

  • RF Design for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Communication Systems: Efficiently Miniaturizing and Passively Sensing, by Dr. Jasmin Grosinger, Graz University of Technology, Austria.
  • Portable Radar Systems for Life Activity Sensing, Anomaly Detection, and Human Tracking, by Dr. Changzhi Li, Texas Tech University, USA.
  • Distributed Phased Arrays: Challenges And Recent Progress, by Dr. Jeffrey Nanzer, Michigan State University, USA.
  • Fundamentals of RF and mm-Wave Power Amplifier Designs, by Dr. Hua Wang, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich), Switzerland.

The 10-minute videos and the details of the 2022 Distinguished Lectures are below:

Dr. Anthony Grbic

Dr. Jasmin Grosinger

Dr. Changzhi Li

Dr. Raafat Mansour

Dr. Jeffrey Nanzer

Dr. Hua Wang

Dr. Quan Xue