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August 2023 Issue

Spur Canceling Technique by Folded xor Gate Phase Detector and Its Application to a Millimeter-Wave SiGe BiCMOS PLL

by Y. Liang, Q. Chen, Y. Wang, D. Kissinger and H. J. Ng

Device 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS

Spectrum 80 GHz

Novelty 1) The reference spur generated by each XOR gate is cancelled by a complimentary gate’s reference spur without degrading VCO gain or PLL bandwidth; 2) Push-pull current-reuse 4-gate topology; 3) High Gain of the FXOR PD compensates for its noise contribution.

Application Fully integrated mmW / terahertz wireless communication systems

Performance 1) -73 dBm reference spur; 2) 79.5 fsrms integrated jitter (10 kHz-100 MHz), -102 dBc/Hz2 Lnorm; 3) -241 dB Figure of Merit (FoM), -236 dB FoMJRP, -265 dB FoMJit.n.