TC-7 Superconductor Devices and Measurement Techniques Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of MTT-7 Microwave Superconductivity and Quantum Committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques is to promote widespread interest in technologies and applications based on superconductivity and new materials in cryogenic operation.

The committee consists of MTT-S and related society members from academia, government, and industry with significant expertise in this technology.

MTT-7 cooperates with other Technical Committees to educate IEEE members about this technology and to expand this technology to the production phase.

Field of Interest

* Superconductivity and superconducting devices,
* Quantum devices/qubits
* Cryogenic techniques

Focusing technologies

The committee covers microwave superconductivity and new materials, their active and passive circuits, and cryogenic measurement technologies.

  • Superconductivity, quantum materials/devices, and new materials,
  • Superconducting filters, phase shifters, and other passive circuits
  • Superconducting digital, mixed signal and other active circuits
  • Superconducting qubits
  • Cryogenic low noise amplifier, mixer, and other active circuits
  • Cryogenic digital and analog circuits
  • Superconducting microwave/THz sources
  • Cryogenic wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Input/Output technologies for cryogenic systems (electrical, optical)
  • Cryogenic measurements
  • Packaging technologies
  • Simulation technologies


  • Mobile communication systems
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Fixed wireless systems
  • Digital broadcasting
  • Classical and Quantum Computing
  • Superconducitng RF accelerator cavities
  • Radio telescopes
  • Radar systems
  • Medical devices
  • Signal processing

Activity Plan

  • Proposal of special sessions, tutorials, short course, workshop, and competition on IMS/EuMW/APMC/RWS
  • Proposal of publication of special issue in journals
  • Proposal and operation of symposiums and workshops
  • Speaker delegation to conferences and workshops
  • Other proposal (DML, Speaker Bureau, etc)