TC-16 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Packaging, Interconnect and Integration Committee

Mission Statement

Technical Committee 16 deals with topics relating to microwave interconnects and packaging and includes questions of materials, modeling, standards, and manufacturing. The committee defines a package as a structure that supports and interconnects disparate technologies. This definition covers a broad variety of structures ranging from the common surface mount package, which supports a semiconductor die and interconnects it with a printed circuit board, to microwave-photonic packaging which supports both electrical and optical technologies and their interconnections. Other package-impacted technologies with which MTT-16 has become involved in recent years include; MEMS, active antennas, millimeter -wave devices, and System-in-Package concepts. The interest level in MTT-16 topics remains quite high because cost pressure and miniaturization has increased integration levels. This trend results in fewer packages per system; however, each package is highly sophisticated. MTT-16 works to disseminate and promote the rapid advances that are taking place in this area. One major function of the committee is the organization of special sessions, workshops, panel session, and other forums for technical interchange. Ideas are discussed at the committee’s yearly meeting in June, and committee members chosen as organizers. Almost all proposed technical forums occur at the next year’s MTT symposium. Proposals are fleshed out during the summer and reviewed in the fall. Occasionally the technical focus of an event will overlap the mission of another technical committee, and joint sponsorship is sought. Efforts are made to avoid duplicate forums.

Field of Interest

* Multi-chip Modules
* System in Package
* Heterogeneous integration
* 3D printing/additive manufacturing
* Thermal management