Inaugural Issue

Inaugural Issue Release: January 2021

The IEEE Journal of Microwaves will release a print and open access online special Inaugural Issue containing a set of invited papers in January 2021. This introductory issue of our new journal will include 37 overview, review and historically-focused articles covering the full scope of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. It will also preview several of our  featured and recurring Editorial series including Microwave Pioneers and Industry Pioneers (first articles on Dr. John C. Mather, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics for discoveries and measurements related to the Cosmic Microwave Background, and Professor Carver Mead, who first demonstrated the majority carrier transistor (MESFET/HEMT) and is the originator of Moore’s Law, and Microwaves are Everywhere unveiling unusual or overlooked applications for microwaves – in this issue a brief history of the Cosmic Microwave Background Hiding in Plain Sight, to accompany the Pioneer piece on John C. Mather.  We will also have a special preface piece from popular science author Tom Lewis (Empire of the Air – the Men Who Made Radio) preceding our 5G articles. Future issues will add a Women in Microwaves series, highlighting significant female members of the Microwave Community in Industry and Academia and Breakthroughs’ in Microwaves, featuring exciting new developments and in-person interviews.

You can see a preview of our new journal below and look through the preliminary Table of Contents.
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Preliminary Table of Contents

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