70th Anniversary Issue

Announcing a very Special Two Part Issue

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the MTT Society

Part 1 JUST RELEASED: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostRecentIssue.jsp?punumber=9171629

BELOW IS A FULL FLIP BOOK VERSION LINK: https://www.ieee.org/ns/periodicals/Journal%20of%20Microwaves/Jan2023/index.html

Part 1 Titles with Corresponding and Last Author names for submitted papers (Table of Contents order):
Introduction to the Winter 2023 Issue – with special section introducing the 70th Anniversary Issue, Peter Siegel
Applications of Microwaves in Medicine, by J-C. Chiao and A. Rosen
Millimeter-wave induced heating of cutaneous nerves and capillaries
, by Zain Haider and Maxim Zhadobov
A Flexible Tuned Radio-Frequency Planar Resonant Loop for Noninvasive Hydration Sensing, by S. Bing and J.C. Chiao
Microwave-Enabled Wearables: Underpinning Technologies, Integration Platforms, and Next-Generation Roadmap, by Mahmoud Wagih and Steve Beeby
Physiological Motion Sensing via Channel State Information in NextG Millimeter-Wave Communications Systems, by Victor Lubecke and Olga Boric-Lubecke
Next-Generation IoT Devices: Sustainable Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, Energy Harvesting, and Wireless Connectivity, by Hamad Rahmani and Jasmin Grosinger
Motion-modulated Chipless RFID,
by Ashkan Azarfar and Etienne Perret
THz Systems Exploiting Photonics and Communications Technologies, by Jan Balzer and Andreas Czylwik
THz Measurements, Antennas, and Simulations: From the Past to the Future, by Fawad Sheikh and Thomas Kaiser
Wavelength Scaling of Widely-Tunable Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Metasurface Lasers, by Anthony Kim and Ben Williams
An Early History of Optimization Technology for Automated Design of Microwave Circuits, by John Bandler and Jose Rayas-Sanchez
A Brief History of Computational Electromagnetics in Microwave Engineering – A Personal Retrospective, by Wolfgang Hoefer
Frontiers in Flexible and Shape-Changing Arrays, by Austin Fikes and Ali Hajimiri
Leaky-Wave Concepts, Structures, and Techniques: Towards Functional Front-End Antenna System Applications, by Dongze Zheng and Ke Wu
Balanced Microwave Transmission Lines, Circuits, and Sensors, by Ferran Martin and Francisco Medina
GaN Integrated Circuit Power Amplifiers: Prospects and Developments, by Reza Nikandish
V – and W – Band Millimeter-Wave GaN MMICs, by Tim Sonnenberg and Zoya Popovic
Substrate Integrated Waveguide Multiband Bandpass Filters and Multiplexers: Current Status and Future Outlook, by Kang Zhou and Ke Wu
From µWave Acoustic Filters to New Devices and mm-Wave Frequencies, by Amelie Hagelauer and Andreas Tag
Towards Intelligent Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Using Deep Learning Techniques and Information Metasurfaces, by Lianlin Li and Tie-Jun Cui
A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications, by Martin Vossiek and Michael Stelzig

PART 2 Papers promised for our April 2023 Issue:
Historic Overview of the MTT Society 1952-2022, by John Barr
Fixed Point-to-Point Communications,
by George Kizer
Evolution of Microwave Measurements,
by Andrea Ferrero et al.
Recent Advancements in Reconfigurable mmWave Devices Based on Phase-Change and Metal Insulator Transition Materials
, by Tejinder Singh and Atif Shamim
RF Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer for energy autonomous wireless devices and RFIDs, by Kyriaki Niotaki and Naoki Shinohara
Technology Survey on Photonic and Electronic Terahertz Sources and Detectors, by Andreas Stoehr et al.
Very High-Power (100s kW and MW) RF to Sub-mmW Circuits and Systems for Thermonuclear Fusion, by Kamal Samanta et al.
Review of Glass Packaging for Microwave Circuits, by Christian Waldschmidt et al.
How 3D Printing is Changing RF Front Ends for Space Application Passed Arrays, by Oscar Peverini and Nelson Fonseca

The Microwave Theory and Technology Society is celebrating 70 years of service to the microwave engineering and science communities throughout 2022. This special issue of the IEEE Journal of Microwaves will document some of the many topic areas and significant contributions that have been made over the years.

General interest review articles, historic accounts, and new contributions highlighting developments that have come out of our rich historic narrative will be highlighted.

Our special issue guest editor is Professor Ke Wu, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Canada (ke.wu@polymtl.ca) with support from Peter Siegel, JMW Editor-in-Chief (phs@caltech.edu).

The deadline for submission of initial manuscripts was Monday, October 3rd, 2022. Final upload of accepted paper proofs is December 1, 2022. All production ready manuscripts will be posted on IEEE Xplore Early Access and will appear in final paginated sequence in the Special Issue – scheduled for final release in January 2023.

We hope you will enjoy this Special Issue of IEEE Journal of Microwaves and continue to support the journal through your regular research submissions.