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September 2023

Liquid Metal-Based Tunable Linear Phase Shifters With Low Insertion Loss, High Phase Resolution, and Low Dispersion

by By Yi-Wen Wu, Shi-Yang Tang, James Churm, and Yi Wang

Device The phase-shifting element is a via-pad-slot (VPS) structure using a half-mode substrate-integrated waveguide (HMSIW).

Technique Phase shift is achieved when a VSP structure is covered by liquid metal (LM) running in microfluidic channels on the substrate surface.

Spectrum X-Band (8 GHz to 14 GHz)

Novelty Phase shift is determined by the number of covered VPS structures. The device is linear, self-compensating and almost dispersionless. Insertion loss is low as the internal substrate structure is not disturbed.

Application Modulators, demodulators, phased antenna arrays.

Performance Phase shift from 0° to 180° Insertion Loss is 1.1dB ±0.1 dB at 11.5 GHz Phase deviation is ±2° (10-12.5 GHz)