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September 2023

An Integrated Reconfigurable Spin Control System on 180 nm CMOS for Diamond NV Centers

by Kaisarbek Omirzakhov

Device Integrated reconfigurable quantum control system used to find electron-spin resonance (ESR) frequency and perform Rabi, Ramsey, and Hahn-echo measurements for a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center spin qubit in diamond. 180 nm CMOS

Spectrum 1.6-2.6 GHz

Novelty On-chip microwave LC-VCO source is phase and frequency-locked to an external source. Moore Machine used for pulse sequence generation with four control bits for amplitude, width, phase and sign.

Application Quantum computers, communication links and sensors

Performance Up to 4098 reconfigurable pulses with pulse widths from 10 ns to 42 ms and pulse-to-pulse delay from 18 ns to 42 ms at a resolution of 2.5 ns.