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September 2023

An 8-Element 5G Multistandard 28-/39-GHz Dual-Band, Dual-Polarized Phased Array for Compact Systems

by Shufan Wang, Abdulrahman Alhamed, and Gabriel M. Rebeiz

Device 2x2 dual-band dual-polarization multiple input multiple output (MIMO) stacked patch antennas connected to a 4x1 wideband beamformer chip.

Spectrum 28 GHz / 39 GHz

Novelty 12-layer printed circuit board (PCB) to reduce cost. Separate patch antennas for each band for wider bandwidth instead of using stubs, slots or pins for a dual-band patch. SiGe BiCMOS beamformer has all RF pads on one side for minimum antenna routing.

Application 5G FR2 cellular devices

Performance Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) is 27-30 dBm; 3dB BW is 26.5-29 GHz, 36-40 GHz Scan is ±40° at 28 GHz, ±30°-40° at 39 GHz Error vector magnitude (EVM) <5%