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December 2023

A Wideband IF Receiver Chip for Flexibly Scalable mmWave Subarray Combining and Interference Rejection

by Rehman Akbar

Device Subarray-based IF downconversion receiver on a 0.28mm2 45 nm PDSOI CMOS chip.

Spectrum 27.9 GHz

Novelty Both spatial rejection of mmWave subarrays and interbeam interference cancelling (IBIC) at IF by rotating the interfering beam cancels the interference from another independent subarray.

Performance 34 to 37 dB rejection for 50-100 MHz 5G NR signals; Up to 19 dB rejection over 100 MHz bandwidth and 16 dB over 400 MHz for a fully overlapping interferer for a multicarrier 5G NR waveform;