TC-6 RF MEMS and Microwave Acoustics Committee

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Technical Committee MTT-6 (RF MEMS and Microwave Acoustics Committee) to monitor the developments in the field of emerging microwave acoustic and RF MEMS device and system application technologies, plan and coordinate the activities of the MTT Society in these areas, and to promote the dissemination of knowledge.

Field of Interest

  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Applications
  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Design
  • Acoustic/MEMS Device Modeling
  • Materials & Propagation
  • Advances in Filter and Multiplexer Technology
  • SAW and BAW Sensor Devices and Applications
  • Multi-Band RF Modules for Multi-Standard/-Mode Systems
  • Fusion of Major Transmit and Receive Functionality in Single Modules
  • Tunable & Reconfigurable Devices, like Bulk and Thin-film Components and Devices, e.g., based on Ferroelectrics, Phase-Change Materials

International Conference on Microwave Acoustics & Mechanics (IC-MAM)

In 2022 IEEE MTT-S holds the first International Conference on Microwave Acoustics & Mechanics (IC-MAM). It will take place in Munich, Germany from July 18 to 20.

This conference in the heart of MTT-6 represents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners of different background (materials scientists, physicists, microwave engineers and process technologists), to share the most recent advances in new materials and manufacturing processes as well as components and devices, which represent the key for the development of future RF, microwave, mm-wave and THz devices, circuits and systems based on RF-MEMS and Acoustics. The conference features an exciting technical program and invited talks by worldwide recognized experts of RF-MEMS and BAW/SAW technologies.