TC-29 Microwave Aerospace Systems Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of MTT-29 is to play a pioneering role within the MTT community regarding science, research and development of technologies, components and systems related to aerospace applications from RF to Terahertz. The committee consists of society members from academia, governmental organizations, research institutes, and industry with significant expertise in those areas. The committee’s main goal is to serve the MTT society members by monitoring new developments, promoting the dissemination of knowledge, and coordinating activities in the field of microwave aerospace systems. Since applications and services dedicated to aerospace are pervasive throughout many technical committees of the MTT Society as well as other IEEE Societies, joint collaborations are actively supported.

Field of Interest

Systems, components, and technologies for the following aerospace-related applications:

  • Satellite communications including 5G, 6G applications involving aerospace platforms
  • Communication and sensor systems for UAVs, HAPSs, airplanes, and satellites.
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing
  • Science and Space exploration
  • Remote sensing for Earth observation
  • Human spaceflight and space transportation

WHATSUP (Water Hunting Advanced Terahertz Spectrometer on an Ultra-small Platform) CubeSat-based Terahertz Spectrometer being planned for a cometary mission to measure water isotopic ratios (Courtesy of Goutam Chattopadhyay, PhD, NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory).

Courtesy of Dr. Václav Valenta, European Space Agency