5G Health Forum

5G Health Forum

Relative Lecture Slides and Publications

1. RF safety issues: why so controversial? (Distinguished lecture slides provided by Dr. C. K. Chou)

IEEE BTS DL Chou May 4-2021.Final

2. A need to provide explanations for observed biological effects of radiofrequency exposure.  (Dr. C. K. Chou)

A need to provide

3. Facts and opinions in studying electromagnetic fields bioeffects (Dr. C. K. Chou and Ron Petersen)

Facts and opinions in studying electromagnetic fields bioeffects

5G Health Impact Fiction or Facts? (Panel session in IMS2021)

1. What are the mechanisms beyond thermal effects that scientists are currently investigating?

 (K. Grenier and D. Dubuc)


2. ICNIRP RF Guidelines:Protection & non-thermal effects? (Rodney Croft)


3. 5G should be Safety-Tested in Animals and Humans (Dr. Josh Mitteldorf )


4.  Overview of the IEEE standards on human protection from electromagnetic fields (Dr. C-K. Chou)


5. Established Bioeffects and Medical Applications of Electromagnetic Fields Across the Spectrum (Dr. Christopher M. Collins


6. 5G Communication Technology and Coronavirus Disease (Dr. James C. Lin)


Discussion in TC-28