TC-21 Terahertz Technology and Applications Committee

Mission Statement

Applications for Terahertz instrumentation and techniques have recently begun to spill over the borders of their traditional niche communities of gas spectroscopy, space, planetary and Earth science and into such expansive areas as biomedical imaging, biohazard detection, and even radar and communications. The committee’s goals are to establish and promote widespread interest in technology and applications that utilize frequencies between 300 and 3000 GHz, a range that was once a driving force for much of the progress and inventions of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. Through workshops, special conference sessions and targeted special issues of MTT transactions, the committee hopes to kindle renewed interest within the community for this originating, and now rapidly emerging microwave technology area.

Field of Interest

* Technology and applications that utilize frequencies nominally between 300 and 3000 GHz


GeMiC 2024
GeMiC 2024

GeMiC 2024 Duisburg, Germany March 11-13, 2024 in Duisburg, Germany THz focus session and invited talks

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