TC-17 Microwave Materials and Processing Technologies Committee

Mission Statement

Microwave materials and processing/manufacturing technologies are the fundamental questions to be addressed for all microwave devices, systems and applications. The committee focuses on bridging the gap between microwave materials/manufacturing technologies and their applications in RF devices, microwave circuits, systems and applications. The committee promotes the materials and processing solutions for implementing functional RF devices and systems using conventional and emerging processes, including additive, subtractive, and hybrid manufacturing, multi-material fabrication and integration. The committee is an excellent window for cross-discipline collaboration and innovation. Experts from microwave chemistry and physics are involved in the working groups expanding the FoI of MTT society, which brings opportunities for the MTT-S community to gain cross-disciplinary expertise.

Field of Interest

  • Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • Emerging Fabrication and Processing Techniques
  • Functional RF Materials