TC-15 RF/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of MTT-15 is to focus on emerging and technologically significant developments in very high speed analog and digital signal processing along with the mixed signal ICs that are being developed to accomplish this processing.  New technologies, circuits and integration techniques to achieve constantly increasing need for higher complexities and performance of wireless systems will be monitored and reviewed. MTT-15 will cooperate with The RFIC Symposium Technical Committee and other MTT-S Technical Committees to ensure that MTT members get full benefit of their combined strengths in this and related field. Responsibilities of this Subcommittee are as follows:

Applications & Fields of Interest

  • Analog and Digital signal processing.
  • Optical to Electrical and Electrical to Optical converters and circuits that enable fiber communications up to many hundreds of GHz.
  • Mixed-signal RFICs that implement interface between the analog world and digital signal processing. This includes advanced A/D and D/A converters and also the additional circuitry required to properly interface these to the analog world.
  • The proper design of the hardware of Software Defined Radios which may be used in communications systems or within test equipment.
  • Very high speed wireline and baseband processing.


Student Competitions
Student Competitions

The goal for the competitors is to compensate the distortion that a GaN power amplifier introduces in a realistic burst-signal scenario. The competition will be based on a unique remote-controlled “WebLab”, which gives everyone access to an advanced wideband modulated PA measurement setup! Students participating in the competition will use the “WebLab” for the development […]

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