TC-14 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits Committee

Mission Statement

MTT-14 has and will continue to cover integrated circuits and its associated technologies across the spectrum from RF through millimeter waves. MTT-14 focus includes the many forms of integrated circuits from Multi-Chip Modules, MCMs, to higher levels of integration and applications. This includes the various multilayer technologies that are in constant development. Since integrated circuits by its nature encompasses many other technologies, MTT-14 will continue to established joint working relationships with other MTT Technical Committees. These disciplines include RF, microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, packaging, active device technologies, passive circuit technologies and applications to the extent that they relate to integrated circuits.

The mission is to reach out to the members of the MTT Society and to assure that the membership has access to the latest developments in the subject technology. Therefore, its activities focus on investigating, evaluating and communicating new developments of interest. These activities include organizing, sponsoring and co-sponsoring various technical meetings, workshops, panel sessions, special sessions at the MTT-S; reviewing technical papers for the MTT Transactions; and supporting the MTT-S Technical Planning Committee.

Field of Interest

* MMICs, mostly III-V based, GaAs, InP and GaN MMIC PAs, etc
* MMIC manufacturing and reliability