TC-14 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits Committee

Mission Statement

MTT-14 embraces fundamental advances in millimeter-wave integrated circuits and associated technologies including heterogeneous integration, multi-chip modules, higher levels of integration, and applications. Since integrated circuit research is closely related to many other fields of inquiry, MTT-14 has established working relationships with other technical committees including materials and devices, circuit techniques and technologies, manufacturing and packaging, and system applications.

The mission of MTT-14 is to ensure that MTT-S members have access to the latest developments in millimeter-wave IC technology through activities focused on investigating, evaluating and communicating new developments of interest. These activities include organizing, sponsoring and co-sponsoring various technical meetings, workshops, panel sessions, special sessions, and student design competitions at the MTT-S events, reviewing technical papers for the MTT-S publications, and supporting the MTT-S administrative committees.

Field of Interest

* RFIC and MMICs including Silicon, Silicon-Germanium, Gallium Nitride, Gallium Arsenide, and Indium Phosphide
* RFIC and MMIC integration, packaging and co-design
* RFIC and MMIC applications in communications, radar, and sensing