TC-13 Microwave Control Techniques Committee

Mission Statement

The interactions of electromagnetic waves with advanced control materials and their applications in practical devices are of primary interest to this Committee. Thus, the goal of the Committee is to encourage research and development in control components for communication, radar, medical and industrial applications and to encourage the reporting of such work at technical sessions and workshops at the International Microwave Symposium. The Committee focuses on the use of ferrite, ferroelectrics, phase change and other materials in microwave and millimeter-wave control applications. Applications include isolators, circulators, phase shifters, filters, switches, modulators, and limiters. The Committee’s interests include modeling, materials, fabrication, and measurement of such materials and control components.

Field of Interest

* Switches
* Attenuators
* Phase shifters
* Circulators
* Isolators
* Ferrites
* Ferroelectrics
* Magnetics
* Phase-change devices