TC-12 Microwave High-Power Techniques Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of the Technical Coordinating Committee on Microwave High-Power Techniques is to facilitate the exchange of information about microwave and millimeter wave high power amplifier technology among the members of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and to assist in educating the MTT-S community on RF/microwave/millimeter wave power amplifier technology, relevant devices of both solid state and vacuum technology, and associated circuitry and related components such as linearizers.

The committee consists of MTT members from industry, government, and academia possessing significant expertise and many years of experience in the various aspects of high power amplifier technology.

MTT-12 cooperates with other MTT-S Committees to assure that MTT members get the full benefit of their combined power amplifier experience.

Field of Interest

* RF/microwave/millimeter wave power amplifier technology
* Relevant high power devices of both solid state and vacuum technology
* Power amplifier associated circuitry
* Power amplifier related components and subsystems such as linearizers