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DML Proposals

The selection procedure for the 2021-2023 DMLs has started. Please nominate suitable candidates. The scope of the DML program is well known and has been very successful: we need excellent speakers on topics that are of interest to a broad audience. Please note that DML talk is expected to differ from a typical expert technical talk, in that it must be specifically designed for a broader audience. Moreover, it is recommended that the DMLs form a team with good geographical balance.

Please provide your nomination including the complete nomination material (please see the checklist below) by March 15th, 2020.

The final speaker list will be approved during AdCom Summer meeting.

Please provide the following information/documents and return them by email to me at amirm@eecs.umich.edu.

DML Nomination Checklist

DML must be nominated by at least one relevant Technical Committee.  The nominating TC should provide the following information.

1. Suggested speaker (please include affiliation, email address, phone number, and a CV).

2. Suggested topic and title of DML presentation.

3. Brief synopsis of the anticipated presentation and why it is expected to be of interest to MTT-S members.

4. Brief statement about the technical contributors of the candidate to the topic of presentation.

5. Brief statement on the presentation abilities of the candidate (e.g. # of talks given, invited contributions, etc.).  Please comment on the nominee’s presentation quality and style.  Please rank his/her presentation quality based on the TC’s membership input (from 1-10, 10 being the highest).

6. Set of no more than 10 sample slides (Power Point or PDF format) of the anticipated presentation, indicating the technical contents as well as the way it is presented. If there are more than 10 slides, reviewers will be directed to consider only the first 10 slides.

7. A brief (< 10 minutes) video or link to a video of the speaker giving an oral presentation on a technical topic. The topic of the presentation does not need to be the same as the intended DML presentation.

8. Nominated by TC #, Chair’s name


Thanks for your cooperation.

Best regards,
Amir Mortazawi

Chair DML Selection Committee