IEEE Microwave Magazine – May 2023

The International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is MTT-S’ flagship conference and this major MTT event is right around the corner. With a wide range of technical sessions, panel sessions, networking sessions, receptions and, of course, the huge exhibition, IMS2023 will truly be, as the conference slogan states, where you will find the “Coolest Ideas under the Sun” in microwave engineering. You can find the latest about IMS2023 at the conference link, The issue also has an eight-page IMS2023 preview.

With IMS2023 being the biggest microwave event of the year, it is only fitting that the focus issue for IMS2023 be the largest Microwave Magazine issue of the year. IMS2023 could not be organized without the dedicated work of the volunteers of the steering committee under the leadership of Gayle Collins and John Wood (John is previous Editor-in-Chief of this magazine). In a similar vein, the IMS2023 focus issue could not have been organized without the hard work of our Guest Editor, Frederick (Fritz) Raab. Fritz worked diligently to provide you with a look at some of the exciting microwave work being done in the San Diego area, with four technical features that span industry, government and academia. I want to also thank him for his work with the various Steering Committee sub-committees, to bring you columns associated with each sub-committee’s contribution to the conference, which describe the technical and not-so-technical events of IMS2023. Start your reading of the IMS2023 focus issue with his Guest Editor’s Desk, where he outlines the issue in detail.

Even though the bulk of this issue is devoted to IMS2023, we still have a number of our regular monthly columns. In his President’s Message, MTT-S President Nuno Borges Carvalho provides his thoughts on IMS and introduces the chairs of the MTT-S Administrative Committee’s (AdCom) IMS Executive Committee and Standards Committee. Fred Schindler, in his MicroBusiness column, discusses how to manage your career. This is Fred’s 100th column for the Microwave Magazine and I wish to thank him for sharing his business perspectives with the magazine’s readership and his overall support of the magazine. This month’s Women in Microwaves (WIM) column, authored by MTT-S AdCom member Wenquan Che, takes a look at the special WIM session held at the 2022 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Advanced Materials and Processes for RF and THz Applications (namely IMWS-AMP2022) in Guangzhou, China. This month’s Speakers Corner is contributed by Mahmoud Wagih and looks at an example of an outreach approach that attempts to educate the general community on the role microwave engineering plays in their everyday lives and, hopefully, to draw more interest from students who might consider joining our community. Also in this month’s issue, we have our Microwave Surfing column, the Ombuds Report, and the solution to the previous Enigma’s thought-provoking problem.

Finally, take a look at the Conference Calendar, which gives you a look-ahead at upcoming conferences that the MTT-S sponsors or co-sponsors for the next six month or so.

Submitted by
Robert Caverly, Villanova University