IEEE Microwave Magazine – May 2023

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The May issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out. This month features our IMS convention with four feature articles. Our convention is in San Diego this year and we are all excited about it.

Our features cover a broad range of topics. Our first article covers flat panel antennas for satellites. Our second covers wireless communication integrated circuit (IC) development at UC San Diego. You will learn so much about IC design – from signal processing to system design. Our third feature covers microwave research in Latin America – a diverse and fascinating set of challenges. And our last feature covers the new technology at the Navel Information Warfare Center in SanDiego – a great variety of filters, phased array and antenna development.

This issue has a great set of columns from both the regular columns and the microwave symposium. Our Editor’s Desk has the low down on the entire issue.

But for the symposium we have a complete coverage of columns. We start with the IMS 2023 Guest Editor’s Welcome and then get an introduction from the General Chairs. The Technical Chairs will give you an overview of all the technical sessions. But wait, there’s more! There are columns on the Focused and Special Sessions, the Connected Future Summit, the Workshops, the Boot Camps, the new Video “Teaser” Tutorials, the Paper Competitions, the RFIC Symposium, the ARFTG Symposium and twenty other columns on all aspects of IMS 2023. This is the best place to get a quick overview of everything that you want to see at IMS 2023. Don’t miss it!

We also have a number of our regular columns. The President’s Column reviews our administrative committee’s (ADCOM) operations, as well as IMSEC and our Standards Committee. Our society columns include our Women in Microwaves column with its discussion on how women can overcome gender barriers and our Ombudsman’s column which discusses the solutions to many of our member’s problems.

We also have those more thought provoking columns. This month our MicroBusiness column takes a look at careers and why friends and networking are the best for your career and the IMS is so good for your networking plus it feels like a yearly reunion. And our Microwave Surfing column considers first encounters and the Drake Equation. And how in mankind’s history many first encounters did not come in peace but in exploitation. So not all thoughts are positive…Our Speaker’s Corner is more positive in its looking for ways to engage young people in the joys of microwave engineering. And fitting right in with the theme of wireless power transfer our Enigma’s, etc. column considers the drive conditions that truly make a 50% duty cycle rectifier.

And as always check out the Conference Calendar!

Summary by Alfy Riddle,
Quanergy Solutions, Inc.

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