IEEE Microwave Magazine – April 2021

The April issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is here! This issue focuses on microwaves in China. Our features have articles on power devices.  with one on vacuum tubes and a second on GaN as well as an article on substrate integrated suspended line passive interconnect technology for printed circuit boards. Microwave research is active all over the world and this issue gives us a chance to learn about some of what has been happening in China. Not to mention some very well done tutorials.

As always I think it is best to start with the Editor’s Deck column where you will learn about the issue and about visiting China. If you must start with the features then please circle back to the Editor’s Desk and the Guest Editor’s Desk where you will get some background on the features. We have columns about our society, about useful items for our members, and about things to think about.

First among the things to think about is success and failure in our Micro Business continuation from the last issue. Not only can failure sometimes be good, success can sometimes be bad. Our Heath Matters column also gives us something to think about with a continuing search on interactions between high power microwaves and humans. Next on the list to think about are books. We have two book reviews in this issue covering surface electromagnetics and the practical side of antenna design. Finally, there is our continuing brainteaser, Enigmas with questions about quadrature current.

And then there is news about our society. First there is the Women in Microwaves column about the special event at the NEMO 2020 conference. It is great to see diversity increasing in our society. Then our Society News takes a deep dive into the Membership and Geographic Activities Committee, which provides support for chapters, our Young Professionals, Women in Engineering, and our international membership. For our final society news there is our tireless Ombuds Officer and his answers to technical questions and member issues – you might be surprised what you learn.

As always, check out the Conference Calendar!

By Alfy Riddle