IEEE Microwave Magazine – August 2023

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The August issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue features wireless communication at 100 Gb/s and beyond. Even our application note is about communication above 100 Gb/s. The Guest Editor’s Desk will give you all the details on the features. We also have a great set of columns this issue. Be sure to check out the Editor’s Desk column for the real down low on this issue but for now we will give you a quick summary.

Our first feature covers chip design and transceiver architecture in different IC technologies. Our second feature also covers chip design but focuses on modulator and demodulator architectures. And our application note looks at software and signal processing for various transceiver architectures. These three articles make a really nice tour of the next generation communication techniques. Next I usually tour the society columns. Our President’s Column discusses how our conferences help academic and industry people meet, have exhibitions and even sub- conferences like ARFTG. This month’s column focuses on the interaction at WAMICON. Our Around the Globe column focuses on the link between humanitarian uses of microwave engineering and our special interest group on humanitarian technology (SIGHT). The European Microwave Week gives us the basis of our MTT-S Society News column as is discusses the inter-society technology panels from EuMW 2022 and a preview of the 2023 EuMW in Berlin, Germany, this September. Clearly conferences are a huge part of our society and microwave engineering life. Our Conference Report column covers a new joint conference between our Microwave Society and the Antennas and Propagation Society. This new conference will move around the Middle East and Africa. Our first IMAS was in February 2023. Sadly we have yet another In Memoriam column which says goodbye to James Komiak. He designed MMICs, high power amplifiers, helped develop the “real frequency” technique, and enjoyed playing guitar are among the things you will learn about him. To finish our tour of the society columns on a positive note our Women in Microwaves has interviews with two new members. Please read about their journey.

Now we also have more technical columns to compliment the features and balance the society news. The MicroBusiness column is a great way to start the more technical columns. This month’s column discusses how we fairly reward people for good work. It sounds simple. As I pointed out to my younger co-workers a few years ago when the Internet went down – there are things called books. Our book review column reviews and updated Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits by Inder Bahl. This issue has a New Products column. You can learn about new cables, test equipment, equalizers, modeling services and bias tees. Finally, our Enigmas, etc. column has a solution to last month’s quiz on what load resistance gives us a rectifier a 50% duty cycle.

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Summary by Alfy Riddle, PhD
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