IEEE Microwave Magazine – March 2022

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The March issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This is part 2 of features about research by women in microwaves. In this issue we also have a student design competition winner and our regular columns. And don’t forget to check out the Editor’s Desk for the real summary of this issue.

Our features are about IoT. Wearable microwave systems, networks of things, and sensor tags in space. These three articles will give everyone a fun education of progress in and the status of IoT. We love our student design competitions. This issue has a student design winner with a terrific tour of a GaN Class DE switch-mode power amplifier.

While our features strive to be readable by everyone and totally educational, our columns cover a lot of ground about our society, new products, and thoughts to think. After all the Editor’s Desks, I like to take in the President’s Column. Our presidents have one year to understand their job and leave their mark. And if anyone wants to know what herding cats is like they should ask Rashaunda. This month learn about the history of women in engineering and publications.

We are big on information. Information on Awards, New Products and our Conference Calendar. For the Awards check out the information on the history of awards as well as the exploits of recent recipients Fred Schindler & Richard Snyder. A bit of learning on how others have contributed will give you ideas on the ways you can contribute. This society is often a lifetime of friends and work. And that works right into our Women in Microwaves column about 3MT (the three-minute thesis) and professional growth. Meet our IMS2019 winner. Communicating quickly is an essential part of every profession and it is a terrific move forward for the MTT society to promote this aspect of education.

Next, we get into the thought-provoking columns. MicroBusiness is our first. It reminds me of an old joke about someone being like an alligator – all mouth and no ears. And it turns out there are many variants of effectively having no ears. And many ways human receivers have characteristics of radar signal processing. Microwave Surfing explores the physics of an ordinary grape and microwave plasma arcs. Finally, Enigmas, etc. explores the currents in a rectifier with a DC block and RF choke. And that makes me want to ask how many people know the difference between an RF choke and an inductor. They both have the same schematic symbol.

By Alfy Riddle Quanergy Systems, Inc.

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