IEEE Microwave Magazine – June 2022

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The June issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue is the “Breadth of MTT”, our issue which typically is distributed at the IMS and demonstrates our range of interest. This issue also includes an advance program of the IMS. The features for this issue include four articles and the 2022 Fellows Elevation article. Check out the Fellows and congratulate those you know. As always, for the real tour of the issue check out the Editor’s Desk column.

So our features include remote sensing, integrated filter-amplifiers, power detectors and non-reciprocal filters. In these features we get a tour of diode technology, how to combine filters with amplifiers, a really comprehensive tour of power detection circuits, and a tour of marrying non-reciprocal non-magnetic networks with filters for front ends.

As much fun as our features are don’t forget the columns. Our President’s Column reminds us that our society membership has benefits – such as Xplore, Young Professionals, all the way to Life Member. We also have our Society News with a report from our Design Automation committee (TC-2). Our Women in Microwaves Column takes a look back at the history of WIM, women in microwaves. It is great to see this progress in our society, it is a start.

Now we get to our thoughtful columns. Our MicroBusiness column examines mergers & acquisitions from the viewpoint of do diligence and caveat emptor. Finally our Enigmas, etc. column takes us through the solution to our last month’s quiz. As always, don’t forget to look at our Conference Calendar.

Review by Alfy Riddle, PhD.
Quanergy Systems, Inc.

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