IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2022

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The July issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out. This issue has three features and a regular set of columns. This summary will try to whet your appetite for the issue – but for the real introduction to this issue check out the Editor’s Desk column.

The features in this issue cover Radar-based sensors for medical monitoring, and then two articles on multi-band techniques . Our Radar sensor feature covers many applications and methods for a terrific overview. The duplexer article is an excellent review of CMOS techniques and balanced designs and the dual-band feature gives a terrific tour of analysis and circuit techniques.

For the columns let’s take the society ones first. Our President’s Column reviews traveling to IEEE events. It is terrific that we can meet in person. Next there is our Conference Report on Radio and Wireless Week in Las Vegas, complete with photos and friends – but you already knew about this from Rashaunda’s column. Next we get a peek at the Asia-Pacific Conference from the Women in Microwaves perspective.

For the thought provoking columns let’s start with our MicroBusiness. It may seem like volunteering in the MTT Society benefits others more than it benefits us but try it and you will probably find you benefit the most from all the interactions and new relationships. Now Microwave Surfing has our annual quiz based on the book Ten Days in Physics that Shook the World. Remember, no Googling. Our Around the Globe column is part 2 of Heinrich Hertz’s short but productive life. Lastly our Enigmas, etc. column takes another look at single-shunt rectifiers and how the waveform changes with termination resistances.

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Review by Alfy Riddle, PhD.
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