IEEE Microwave Magazine – January 2022

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The January issue of the Microwave Magazine is out. And 2022 is here! This issue is a great start to the year with two feature articles, the best student paper from 2021, an Application Note and a Speaker’s Corner. And then you get to all of our regular columns.

Our features have a tour of everything you wanted to know about measurement instrumentation, a Distinguished Microwave Lecture, and an overview of low noise amplifier performance and construction all the way to a THz. Just these two features would make a great issue but adding in our student paper on how a Monostatic radar Gunnplexer evolves from discrete components to an MMIC gives you a lot of education and history. Our Application Note takes us on a tour of cylindrical dielectric resonator mode patterns and resonant frequencies. And our Speaker’s Corner teaches us all about using the python language to perform cascade microwave analysis and calibration.

Don’t take my word for anything, browse the issue and check out the Editor’s Desk for a real tour of the issue. This issue has a great set of columns. Our President’s Column is actually two columns: a retrospective from our outgoing president and a welcome from our 2022 president, Dr. Rashaunda Henderson. 2022 is the seventieth anniversary of the MTT-S. As always, our columns could be categorized as about our society, informative, and thought provoking. Regarding our society we have Education News about the 2022 webinars, our ombudsman solving member problems, and a very timely interview with our new 2022 president. A sad note is yet another microwave brother, Prof. Rizzoli, has left us. Please read about how much he impacted our society. One the informative side you can read our Health Matters on 5G safety factors, a book review on machine learning of antenna arrays and we have a New Products column for you to enjoy.

I personally really look forward to the thought-provoking columns. These begin with MicroBusiness and the importance of clear communication or writing well. I can hear my high school and college English teachers rejoicing. Then Microwave Surfing echoes Health Matters with thoughts on heat, body calories, and radiation. And then we have Educator’s Corner and Enigmas. The Educator’s Corner takes a linear look at nonlinear amplifiers. And Enigmas looks at the shunt rectifier efficiency.

As always, check out the Conference Calendar and enjoy the issue!

Summary by Alfy Riddle

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