IEEE Microwave Magazine – February 2022

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The February issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue features research by women in microwaves. And we also have a great set of regular columns. As you know, for the real backstory on the issue check out the Editor’s Desk and for more information on the features go for the Guest Editor’s Desk.

Our features cover a wide range of topics from phased arrays to metrology and radome absorbers. Each article is a tour of the topic with the latest information and a lot of background so anyone can learn from it. But the features are not the only places to sharpen your technical skills. This issue has a Microwave Bytes about theory, practice, and improving the practice so it gets closer to the theory. We also have an Enigma’s column providing us a solution to last month’s quiz on shunt diodes. There are also thought-provoking columns which do not involve circuits or Maxwell’s equations. This month our MicroBusiness column confronts obfuscation and SCIgen. Do you know someone who could be, and maybe should be, replaced by a computer program?

I have been told that history does not sell. Do not write a book about history. But the history of the geniuses in our understanding of microwaves has always fascinated me. Check out the Around the Globe column for a treat.

Our columns cover a variety of areas, one of which is information about our society. The President’s Column is always a good source of society information. One bit of information being we are potentially moving from being about Theory & Techniques to Theory & Technology. And that is just getting started on society news. We have reports from our new Aerospace TC, many things happening in India, virtual colloquiums by Women in Microwaves, and Conference reports on paper awards and contests. And sadly, again we have news of the passing of one of our long-time members. Please read our In Memoriam column about all the things Dr. Ferdo Ivanek did in his long life.

But don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar!

By Alfy Riddle

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