IEEE Microwave Magazine – August 2022

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The August issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue features packaging and beyond with articles on interconnects and passive components. We also have a great set of columns for you. For the real overview of this issue check out the Editor’s Desk column. And for all the background on the features check out the Guest Editor’s Desk .

Our features start with cost effective packaging and interconnects to 180 GHz. Another feature follows the 3D printing trend by discussing additive packages with everything from BGA attachment to embedded ICs and even antennas. Interconnects within the package and to external devices get more difficult and more important as the frequency increases. One of our features covers interconnects in detail with an emphasis on graphene. And out metaconductor feature covers passive components with magnetic and non-magnetic conductors.

After you have learned all about millimeter wave packaging it is time to browse the columns. As usual we’ll look at the society news first and then cover the thought provoking columns. Our President’s column revisits the road with the Texas Wireless and Microwave Circuits symposium and the Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference (WAMICON). Our Society News contains a TC-10 report from the Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion committee. And our Education News covers our Graduate Student Fellowship Awards and Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship Awards. See if there is anyone you know! Our Women in Microwaves column covers our 2021 President’s Task Force on Mentoring, Diversity and Inclusion. There are many good thoughts here on how to move forward with a society that is 86% male.

And then there are the thought provoking columns. Our MicroBusiness takes on The Interview – its imperfections and the advantages of interns. Our Enigmas, etc. column gives us the solution to last month’s quiz and the critical properties of a nonlinear circuit. And this issue also has a Microwave Bytes on Phasing Out. Not that anyone is going anywhere but outphasing is worth discussing. And outphasing with reuse is green. Revisiting the past may give you some clues for the future.

And don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar. COVID is with us but we are carefully traveling now.

Review by Alfy Riddle, PhD.
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