IEEE Microwave Magazine – September 2021

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The September issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is here! This issue focuses on electromagnetics and medical treatments. Our first of three features cover wirelessly powering medical implants. And a new term for many will be “electroceuticals” which is a takeoff on pharmaceuticals and refers to electromagnetically modifying tissue for treatment purposes. Our second feature is about using microwave radiation to treat cancer. And our third feature is about energy harvesting of ambient fields. Of course, to really get the low down on our feature articles please read the Guest Editor’s Desk column. We also have an application note in this issue – and it combines 3D printing with biodegradable dielectric substrates. That should get many people’s attention.

While the feature articles may be the main course, the columns are the appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Check out the Editor’s Desk column first to see what is on the menu. To get you started check out the Awards and New Products columns which will tell you about our variety of awards and who has won them this year – as well as some interesting new products. Speaking of interesting things, our book review column covers the practical side of electromagnetic compatibility engineering – which is something everyone who takes a product to market needs to know.

As always, we also have thought provoking columns. To begin with our President’s Column covers how the IEEE has adapted with Affinity Groups and a focus on younger members. Of course MicroBusiness always has things to think about and this time it is the drive to adapt. Our Microwave Surfing column points out just how old the idea of wireless power transfer is, and the companies that are trying to extend it to miles instead of millimeters. While our Microwave Surfing column harkens back to Tesla (the man, not the company) our Speaker’s Corner looks back to another ground shaker, Shannon and extending his channel capacity formula to more modern channels. Finally, our Enigma’s column is always a puzzle and this time we get to think about phase angles and operating points.

And we also have news about what is happening in our society. Both the regular Society News regarding Biometrics and Sensors Councils and Distinguished Microwave Lectures as well as the inspiring news of great women engineers in our Women in Microwaves column. Some of these women have been very active in the IMS and are familiar and an inspiration to everyone.

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Summary by Alfy Riddle

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