IEEE Microwave Magazine – November 2020

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The November issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! This issue is another “Breadth of MTT” issue so we get a tour of the variety of work within the MTT. And this tour includes an extra dimension on an old friend, some fundamental mathematics applied to circuit problems, and a very practical marriage of math and physics. Th extra dimension on an old friend is looking at the Smith Chart from a 3D perspective. Who says two dimensions are enough and what insights can we gain? Our second feature applies the mathematics of symmetry and periodic structures which may have started with the study of crystalline structures and moved to semiconductor lattices but certainly applies to transmission line structures and even periodically sampled digital filters. Our final features revisits that most useful device, which probably began life as magic for telephone operation, also a speed bump for antenna designers and rapidly became essential for balanced amplifier and mixer designers but now gets in the middle of our high speed differential circuitry and network analysis – the balanced to unbalanced converter.

But don’t move so fast to the features. Enjoy the columns. Start with the Editor’s Desk and get an overview of the issue as well as a reminder of how writing for the magazine is a different challenge which takes more work and brings long lasting rewards. The next stop should be the President’s column and this month it delves into our Strategic Plan and how it has been impacted by COVID-19. From there we move into more thought provoking columns. MicroBusiness discusses leading, misleading, and misleaders. Microwave Surfing discusses misinformation about nonionizing radiation, public fears and the purpose of the IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation. A counterforce to misleading. This is important information for every microwave engineer to understand. Our Awards column discusses what MTT member Dr. Nosich has done to be elevated to Fellow in the Optical Society. And speaking of important people our Around the Globe column has a quick tour of connections between Maxwell, Einstein, Newton and Faraday. Our Educator’s column provides background on Poincare’ lengths and many of the ideas behind some of our Enigma puzzles. Not to forget that we have a fresh Enigma puzzle in this issue. We also have other regular columns with basic information on our Meetings and Symposia Committee as well as a selection of New Products to make your job easier.
And as always don’t forget the Conference Calendar!

By Alfy Riddle

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