IEEE Microwave Magazine – January 2020

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The January issue of the Microwave Magazine is out! In this issue we have two big things to celebrate: first, there are three feature articles on interconnects working at over 100 GHz; and second, we have articles from the IMS2019 Student Design Competition winners. The Design Competition articles are always a fun read with a lot of breadth so there is something for everyone in this issue. The Guest Editor’s Desk column will give you a detailed overview of our three feature articles, but just to make you more curious we’ll give you a brief introduction. Each of the features gives you an overview of the difficulties of interconnects above 100 GHz. One of the articles solves the problem with micromachining and the other two describe using dielectric waveguides as a solution. This is a fascinating area which brings together the battle of physics and manufacturing in the Terahertz region.

While we all are tempted to dive into interesting feature articles it is best to begin your tour of the magazine with the Editor’s Desk column. Here you will get an overview of the issue and some hints on changes in our society. But before we get into the columns we should mention the six Design Competition articles. These articles are always impressive. Our Design Competition articles begin with the perennially attractive high efficiency PA , and then move into a reconfigurable filter bank. From there we move into articles on energy harvesting and motion sensing RADAR. And we finish with two articles on adaptive relay transceivers. These design competitions are not simple challenges but professional training grounds.

As interesting as all the articles are there is a lot to learn and enjoy from the columns. The January issue has two President’s columns as we see a handover of the reigns to the new President of our society. Serving as the President of our society is a daunting task – not to mention they have to keep their day job. The outgoing President, Dominque Schreuers, describes her challenges and accomplishments. The incoming President-elect, Alaa Abunjaileh, has served on the administrative committee for many years so he understands the challenge. His column will give you a perspective on the depth of the administrative committee. You should never skip our MicroBusiness column. In this issue he explains The Matrix. And following the idea of science fiction in the real world themes our Microwave Surfing column discusses invisibility cloaks. Emphasizing the practical side of microwaves is a book review of printed antennas. And making sure you keep your wits about you is another installment of our Enigmas, etc. column covering complex reflection. Some of our regular columns will tell you about the exciting and entertaining Latin America Microwave Conference, the many problems solved by our Ombudsman, and sadly an In Memoriam about Jesse Taub who contributed greatly to Microwave engineering and our society.

And as always don’t forget the Conference Calendar. I know you will enjoy the issue!

By Alfy Riddle

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