IEEE Microwave Magazine – May 2019

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The May issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! And this issue focuses on digital predistortion and postcorrection. In the last decade our analog microwave world has become joined at the hip with digital correction. While digital circuitry has complemented microwave circuitry for decades, digital chips are now so advanced that they are trivial to integrate with microwave amplifiers and perform impressive compensation. But, the Guest Editors SungWon Chung and Hermann Boss will tell you more in their column about the issue. Five articles in this issue cover everything from 5G transmitters to multiband envelope tracking, digital equalization of ADC based receivers, using DSP for mitigating spurs in PLLs and digital equalization techniques in optical interconnects. There is a lot to enjoy in this issue.

And there is our yearly review of the elevated Fellows. The MTT society is full of hard working people and a very few of these are elevated to the level of Fellow. Please read about the accomplishments of these exceptional engineers and celebrate their achievements. I hope you also regularly read the columns in the Microwave Magazine. There is a lot of thoughtful background and perspective in our columns. The Editor’s Desk column reminds us that these focused issues are brought to us by one of our technical committees, in this case Digital Signal Processing MTT-9. Many groups can create a focused issue and as the magazine is based on tutorials, workshops can also serve as a seed for a focused issue. The President’s column always comes from a unique perspective. We see differently depending on where we are standing. And that applies to even which hemisphere we are in. Read her column to understand more. Our columns mix technology with real life and the Microwave Surfing column on microwaves and audible weapons not only pertains to New York Times stories but the popular television show NCIS:LA. Our award winning MicroBusiness column always provides a thought provoking perspective. In this issue the idea of balanced and sustainable businesses echoes the President’s column on diversity. And how passion can move into diversity is expressed in our column from Women in Microwaves about the journey of Qiaowei Yuan. It’s a reminder that we should motivate everyone around us. Every issue also reviews books and strives to keep us apprised of the diversity in topics related to microwaves. Please enjoy this issue’s review regarding weather radar. Finally, we had to say goodbye to Dr. Fukui. Our In Memoriam column recounts a life of research that spanned electron tubes and tunnel (Esaki) diodes to seminal papers on  GaAs field effect transistors and even lasers. This issue has a lot to think about – or absorb if you wish a more microwave term.

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