IEEE Microwave Magazine – February 2019

About the journal

The February issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out! And this issue focuses on Full-Duplex technologies. Here Full-Duplex means not just transmitting and receiving information at the same time – but within the same frequency spectrum. The key to this is for a radio to sample its transmitted signal and cancel any antenna feedthrough or reflections so the receive portion of the radio only responds to external signals and noise. This is a fascinating and challenging evolution of radio. There are four feature articles in this issue and the Editor’s Desk column introduces them.

In addition to the feature articles the magazine contains many columns. The President’s column gives insight into our Administrative Committee (or ADCOM) and its newest members. The MicroBusiness column offers advice on how to be happy at work and keep your employees happy. Microwave Surfing looks back at the history of radio and how we can still walk along some of that trail. Our Health Matters column continues to explore studies linking our exposure to microwaves and health. This latest column focuses on children. Finally we have an In Memoriam column about Terence Hunter Oxley and a book review on the practical side of Ultrawideband. As usual, the magazine has a lot to offer about technology and our society. Don’t forget to check out the Conference Calendar and as always, enjoy the issue!

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