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February 2024

PCM-Based Reconfigurable Acoustic Resonators and Filters: For Potential Use in RF Front-End Applications

by Arash Fouladi Azarnaminy, Matthew Ou, Raafat. R. Mansour

Abstract: This paper explores the realization of standard, temperature compensated and thin film surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters using phase transition materials such as vanadium dioxide (VO2) and phase change materials (PCMs) such as germanium telluride (GeTe) at the interdigital transducer (IDT) level of the device to alter the filter characteristics by adding or removing IDT fingers in the filter on command. A variety of VO2 designs are explored to illustrate the potential breadth of reconfigurable SAW filter applications in mobile communication systems. PCM switches can easily be monolithically integrated into the SAW filter due to their very small size, and their latching capability reduces power consumption compared to other approaches with SAW filters such as MEMS and BST tuning elements.