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February 2024

Exploring Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Circuits and Systems With a Novel Multiuser Measurement Facility: Multiuser Terahertz Measurement Facility (THz Lab)

by Dipankar Shakya, Theodore S. Rappaport, Davood Shahrjerdi, Michael E. Knox, Shuai Nie, Arjuna Madanayake, Zoya Popovic, Hua Wang

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the measurement capabilities currently from dc to 500 GHz at the “THz-Lab” at New York University (NYU). This multiuser facility, a product of collaboration with UC Boulder, UN Lincoln, Florida IU, and the IDEAS group at ETH-Zurich, was funded by a $3M National Science Foundation grant to facilitate a broad range of THz research with essential THz metrology. The facility is equipped to characterize THz integrated circuits, on-chip THz antenna arrays, THz channel propagation, intelligent reflective surfaces, and novel materials-based electronics. Laboratory resources include wafer probe stations, frequency converters, RF front-end modules, and a suite of state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for THz circuits and devices that may be checked out short-term for researchers to use and return under U.S. export controls.