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Session: WMA – June 3rd 2019
Organizers: Guillaume Callet, Ko-Tao Lee
Organizers organizations: UMS, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Over the past decades, the RF/microwave community has expanded and benefited from the rapid development of the semiconductor industry. Advances in exploratory materials and structures have enabled devices switching at higher frequency, while keeping a compact form factor and increasing energy efficiency. These devices are now reaching the level of industrial maturity to meet the requirements for 5G power applications at mm-wave frequencies and beyond. In this one-day workshop, nine invited talks from semiconductor experts, academic researchers and the global end-users will be presented. The workshop will cover all key aspects of advanced technologies for 5G, including 1) mm-wave GaN devices and integration, 2) ultra broadband RF SoC, 3) integration for RF transceivers, and 4) wafer-level packaging for high frequency devices. It will give the attendees a comprehensive exposure to the latest 5G technological solutions and breakthrough.


  1. Emerging Ultra Broadband RF SoC Technologies” Young-Kai Chen – DARPA – Abstract
  2. GaN for 5G Applications: FinFETs, CMOS and Vertical Transistors” Tomás Palacios – MIT – Abstract
  3. Exploiting the Unique Properties of GaN for Next Wave of Mobile Communications” Nadine Collaert – IMEC – Abstract
  4. mm-Wave GaN Device for 5G” Akira Inoue – Mitsubishi Electric – Abstract
  5. Heterogeneous Integration for WLP RF Transceivers : Challenges and Issues” Didier Floriot – UMS – Abstract
  6. Fully Integrated GaN-on-Si Devices: A CMOS Compatible Solution for the Next Generation RF and Power Electronics” Ko-Tao Lee – IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Abstract
  7. Silicon Semiconductor Technologies for the 5G mm-Wave Era and Beyond” Alvin Joseph – GLOBALFOUNDRIES – Abstract
  8. Wafer Level Packaging Technologies for High Frequency Device Applications” John Hunt – ASE – Abstract
  9. Opportunities for Heterogenous Integration of GaN/RF CMOS in 5G mm-Wave Systems” Kristoffer Anderson – Ericsson