19:49 BST


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Session: WMC – June 3rd
Organizers: Didier Belot, Eric Kerhervé
Organizers organizations: CEA-LETI, IMS (UMR5218)
5G spectrum is presently open world-wide to sub-6GHz and mm-Wave bands at 26GHz, 28GHz, and other bands at 40GHz, 60GHz (V) and 71-86GHz (E) are under evaluation in most parts of the world. Different power amplifier architectures and process technology approaches are in competition to cover these 5G opened bands. This workshop will benchmark the state-of-the-art power amplifier techniques targeting mm-Wave frequency for 5G applications, and will present the status of different processes addressing the Power Amplifier applications such as silicon based, III-V, GaN and InP technologies. Finally we will discuss the match between these technologies’ specificities and the different 5G application requests.


  1. Design Considerations for 5G mm-Wave Transmitters and Power Amplifiers” Stefan Andersson, Sven Mattisson, Fredrik Tillman – Ericsson – Abstract
  2. mm-Wave InP Power Amplifier for High Speed Wireless Communications” Hiroshi Hamada – NTT – Abstract
  3. mm-Wave GaN MMIC PA Design for High Efficiency and High Power” Zoya Popović – University of Colorado Boulder – Abstract
  4. PA Design in Silicon (SiGe & CMOS) and Other III-V Processes for Advanced Beamformed Applications” Eric Kerhervé, Vincent Knopik –  IMS (UMR 5218) Abstract
  5. Wideband GaN-Based Supply-Modulated Power Amplifier Systems” Olof Bengtsson, Sophie Paul, Sebastian Preis, Nikolai Wolff – FBH – Abstract
  6. Transmitter Architectures for PA Efficiency” Earl McCune – EMC2 – Abstract
  7. 5G High Power RF Front-End Solution for Ka-Band” Mohammed Ayad, Laurent Marechal – UMS – Abstract
  8. Process Technology Benchmarking for mm-Wave PA” Didier Belot – CEA-LETI – Abstract