20:10 BST


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Date: Sept 29th – Paris – Porte de Versailles

Session: WS-08

Chair/Vice-Chair: Gabriele Formicone / Guillaume Callet


Latest or emerging trends in radar and communications take advantage of operation over multiple frequency bands to achieve system capabilities unobtainable through operation over a standard frequency band. One example of such trend is clearly manifested in wireless communications with carrier aggregation and multi-band front-ends. Wireless communications over multiple bands enable higher data rates and these low power systems can take advantage of the latest developments in tunable and reconfigurable components. Other examples of RF systems operating over multiple bands are dual-band transponders and transceivers for satcom or telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C). Similarly, although operating at much higher power levels compared to multi-band communication systems, a radar operating over multiple bands has the capability of providing greater functionality. For example, a radar operating at S and X band (DBR, Raytheon) or C and X band (Kronos, Leonardo), or S and C band, or X and Ka band (GEMINI-DB) can provide an unprecedented level of performance and capability to detect and track hostile targets or higher resolution and more information in remote sensing applications. Such multi-band RF systems require sub-system components such as power amplifiers, antennas, filters, switches, etc. with unprecedented design challenges. This workshop focuses on RF technologies and techniques available for power amplifiers operating over multiple bands. Being a relatively new field, power amplifier design techniques are still evolving without a fully established methodology. Moreover, although multi-band communication systems operate over relatively close multiple bands, where broadband / wideband power amplifier techniques can be quite successful, multi-band radar frequency bands tend to be very far apart where traditional broadband / wideband techniques may not yield the best performance. For instance, broadband / wideband power amplifier techniques require very expensive trade-offs in terms of efficiency, gain and power level. Therefore, innovative ideas suitable for such emerging systems are strongly desired with the potential to achieve higher RF performance metrics in terms of efficiency, gain and power level. This workshop reviews the RF and MW technologies and techniques available to the designers today, with the hope of opening a debate and stimulating new ideas and maybe identifying new directions of research and development which could lead to future multi-band high power amplifiers with superior performance than achievable today.

A tentative outline of the agenda for the workshop is the following:

1) Introduction: Multi-Band Communications and Radar Systems Requirements and Considerations

2) Review of Solid-State RF & MW technologies and Travelling Wave Tubes for Multi-Band RF PAs

3) Review of Broadband / Wideband Design Techniques for Multiband Communication and Radar Systems

4) Power Amplifier Architecture implementation: MMIC and / or multi-chip planar / hybrid module

5) Review of other components (switches, antennas, etc.) for Multi-Band RF Systems

6) Conclusions and discussions


  1. X-band Compact Dual-Polarimetric Doppler Radar using GaN Power Amplifier Module” Takuo Kashiwa – Furuno Electric Co.
  2. High-power solid-state amplifier modules for Multi-Band coherent radar systems” Giorgio Pizziol – GEM Elettronica
  3. Microwave developments for new Airborne Antennas” Yves Mancuso – Thales DMS
  4. Advanced AESA architectures based on new GaN Solutions” Claudio Lanzieri – Leonardo Company
  5. Technologies and architectures for space-borne highefficiency RF power amplifiers” Václav Valenta – ¹European Space Agency (ESA)
  6. GaN Technologies for Multi-band/Broadband Power Amplifiers” Rüdiger Quay – IAF-Fraunhofer: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid-State Physics
  7. High Power RF Pallet Solutions for Radar Systems from UHF to S-band” Gabriele Formicone – Integra Technologies, Inc.
  8. High efficiency Wideband Power amplifier using Envelop tracking technology for high data rate communication application” Wilfried Demenitroux, Stéphane Dellier – Thales Group, Wupatec
  9. Multi-band High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers for Concurrent Signal Transmission” Zoya Popovic – University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado